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Surfing and Serving with the King - November Newsletter »

What a day for surfing and serving! The waves were sent from the heavens every surfer’s dream and the weather was an even match perfect! In the months that it takes to plan this you never know what the conditions will be so Praise God! for once again giving us a magnificent day to reach out and make a difference.

We had a busy morning setup starting at 5am; but all volunteers were up well before sunrise to make this event happen. With a two day event a lot of planning and giving of oneself is a must, with that being said there is also the enemy waiting on the sidelines just to trip you up, and when that happens the whole meaning behind your outreach is forgotten for just a moment. Praise the Lord we have some really grounded Christians on our home front and for the most part those moments were just a passing glitch. The devil is always going to try to stick it to you if you’re doing something for God. So thank you volunteers for moving in a Godly direction even when the going gets rough at times.

This year our non-profit was “Ho’ola Na Pua” which is organization that makes a safe haven for young underage girls who are drawn into or put into the sex trafficking world. Unfortunely this business is growing with each passing year and more exploited young children end up with deep emotional and physical scares. That is why places like this are a must …a place where they can be safe and learn to live a life with self worth, and to gain new perspective on of what their life can become. Please let’s keep them all in our prayers, the children and the volunteers who play such an important role in making this a success. It’s a daily battle …with each child that’s gets out of this horrible nightmare and into a safe haven is one step closer to victory! Let’s keep on helping the lost!

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.                   Philippians: 2:4

God Bless You All

Donna Sallas