The founders of our church, Jack and Maree Nordgren, worked for the Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy after moving to Hawaii from Michigan in the late 1970’s.

Once Jack and Maree got to know some of the residents in Waikiki, they saw a need for a church where people could worship and have fellowship. The Nordgrens wanted to develop a church with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The goals included: providing practical biblical teaching, helping people to develop their gifts and talents, providing an emphasis on praise and worship, accompanied by guitars, drums, and a keyboard, and most of all, providing a place of acceptance.

Pastor Jack Nordgren and his wife, Maree, founded Hope Chapel South Shore in 1984. Hope Chapel South Shore became a place to receive spiritual nourishment. All were welcome as they were, and that included dressing in tee shirts, shorts, and slippers. At first, the church had about twelve members, meeting at the Waikiki Community Center. From that core group, a vital church, teaching a practical and vibrant life style, based wholly on God’s Word continued to grow. Over the years, members of Hope Chapel South Shore have become pastors, started new churches, become missionaries, or moved to the mainland. Members continue to use their gifts and talents where God has placed them.

In late 2005, after over twenty years at Hope Chapel South Shore, Pastor Jack was called by God to move to Bridgman, Michigan, to plant a new church. On the southern shore of Lake Michigan, the church was named South Shore Fellowship.

Early in 2006, the associate pastor, Dennis Sallas, became Senior Pastor of Hope Chapel South Shore. To better reflect our location in the middle of Waikiki, the congregation voted to change the church’s name to Hope Chapel Waikiki. Dennis (Pastor “D”) continues to lead the church in outreach efforts to “Claim Waikiki for Jesus,” to pray for, and reach out to our guests, local residents, the surrounding community, and people from around the globe.

More information about Pastor Dennis is available in the “Pastor” section.

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