May Newsletter: “Sister’s in Christ” / “His Mercies in Disguise”

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I love hearing testimonies they always have a message that speaks to your heart. This is about sisters in Christ coming to the aid of another. Sometimes we get so busy wrapped up in the everyday life that we miss a chance to help out others. This was not the case with these special ladies. They went to help and comfort a sister in need swiftly and quietly, I use the word quietly because they didn’t make a big fuss and spread the word of their kindness their only mission was to lift up and bring comfort to their sister.

Our friend Amy Jo went back to the mainland to visit as she does often to keep in touch with her family and her husband’s family. These trips always seem to have a purpose for Amy Jo either praying for someone to come to Christ or just lend a hand or an ear wherever needed that is her nature she is a giving soul. It had been a few weeks and  I was looking forward to seeing her at church on Sunday when I heard she had really hurt her back and was down. The story that follows can only be told by Amy Jo so sit back and be ready to be Blessed I know I was.

It’ all about the Love; We all need Christian fellowship to build us up and hold us up.

Do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them Matthew 6:1

Donna Sallas

His Mercies in Disguise

The faithfulness of God, It’s so much deeper than I know. He wants me to succeed, and He is committed to helping me to do that. The more I settle into trusting Him, the deeper the benefits grow. My perspective of trials is changing

     After returning home from a long trip to the east coast, I hurt my back. I was stuck, laying down on the ottoman in our living room, unable to get up. It happened shortly before Bruce left for work, and he helped me with the laying down part, but I didn’t know I’d need help with the getting up part. So, for almost four hours, I lay there, unable to change my circumstance. I listened helplessly as my cat had a major brawl near the window, banging against the house, making loud, and screeching cat noises. Since my injury happened as I was making lunch, I didn’t get to eat, so hunger was setting in. And my back wasn’t getting better. I was getting pretty upset at this point. Thinking that maybe the Lord wanted me to take some down time to relax, I said to Him at one point, “Lord, this is not relaxing!” The need for help was getting pretty obvious, and I really didn’t know what to do, but pray. After making some phone calls and asking for prayer, Susan, from our halau at church, offered to come out to help me. Since we live in Wahiawa, it was a bit of a trip from downtown. Joby, also from our halau, came with her to help.

     Just seeing them walk through the door made me feel loved! And all the love and care they gave me made me feel no longer alone in my struggles. I didn’t feel afraid anymore. And Jesus taught me something that day. Susan, still recovering from an illness, and Joby, having started physical therapy for her own back, still came to help me in my time of need. Unable to get up even with their help, they said to me to not help them at all, to go limp, like a ragdoll. So, completely limp, they lifted me up, and it worked. And that was the biggest lesson of that day. There are times in life where we will be totally dependent on the Lord, even emotionally, feeling like we cannot get ourselves up out of whatever it is that has us down; times where there is nothing we can do to help ourselves, the circumstances are just that bad. It’s then that we see that one set of footprints, when Jesus carries us through. Jesus walked through the door that day. He did it through Susan and Joby.

      We walked sideways through the house, singing to God as we went, Susan and Joby on either side of me, holding me up (walking forward was too painful). I got better and better as they prayed, loved on me and helped me. By the time they left, I was able to do things on my own, still hurting, but moving forward. My husband, Bruce, stayed home with me the next day and has been helping me as I continue to recover. We need each other, as believers in Christ. Don’t ever underestimate the power of Christ living in you, to help another in need, even when you are still in need yourself. Someone is out there, hurting, and needs Jesus to show up in their circumstance, through you and me.

              “What if the trials of this life, are His mercies in disguise.”

Blessings, by Laura Story

               “It was good for me to be afflicted, that I might learn your decrees.” Psalm 119:71

By Amy Jo Mauer

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