“Love and Forgiveness” March 2015 Newsletter

Love with Forgiveness

To love, you must be able to forgive and to forgive you must know how to love…

        Love with forgiveness is expressed in so many different ways. You have love for your children, it doesn’t seem to matter what they do. We love and support them, and forgiveness comes naturally, fast and without much if any hesitation. Then there is siblings and family, in some cases it’s not so easy or as fast to forgive and to move forward…Love for your spouse whom you spend most of our time with can be very challenging to give that unconditional love and forgiveness to….Love and forgiveness for your friends for some reason seems to be a lot simpler. How true the saying is “Forgiveness is the best form of love it takes a strong person to say they’re sorry and even a stronger person to truly forgive”.

For me lately I have been struggling with this and I am determined to press forward and find that strength to be a person of Love and forgiveness. I pray for Gods transforming power in all circumstances.

The one thing that is always consistent is GODS Love for us no matter what we do He always forgives us when we ask. He always lifts us up even when we done nothing but put Him on hold. He is a continually faithful in His love.

1 John 4:7 “Let us love one another, for love is of God”

Donna Sallas

Posted by admin in Newsletters on March 11, 2015