“A Journey of the Heart” by Amy Jo Maurer. February Newsletter

A Journey of the Heart by Amy Jo Maurer
It is amazing to me that God wants to dance with us. It blesses my heart so much. After all He went through on our account, and that He would still embrace us as though we had never sinned. That amazes me! And once that dance begins, it never ends.
Maybe you question that today. Maybe you wonder if God is really happy about you. Consider this: only a deep, passionate love from the heart could endure what Jesus did to love us. His love for us is overwhelming, so much so, that it moves Him to dance with us! The prodigal son knew this to be true. God celebrates His love for you, with you! He’d have it no other way.
It is a privilege to be dancing in this celebration with the sweet ladies on our halau. Each of us has a gift to bring to serve our Lord and each other, to build up, and not tear down. We each have a unique insight of the heart, that Jesus has given us to share with each other. Sometimes we can’t see the fruit growing on our own tree. Our trials and difficulties can often times hide from our own eyes, the sweetness of heart they are producing in our own lives. That’s why it’s so important to encourage one another, and all the more as we see the day approaching. You have a gift, and God wants to celebrate with you! As believers in Christ, each of us has that sweetness in our hearts, because Jesus is sweetness itself.
We learn, we stretch, we grow. As we dance this dance of life together, remember that for the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the cross. That joy is you.

Posted by admin in Newsletters on February 24, 2015