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Women of Hope
Fellowship and fun that is what our day was about. For the last 10
years we been having “Women of Hope” meet poolside at a condo
across from our church and everyone brings a dish to share and we
fellowship, pray and play games, etc.. The only problem I found
with this is setup, breakdown and cleaning up took precious time
away from hanging out with the ladies. This year we took a vote and
decided lets go out to lunch and just relax. It was a hit with everyone
we had that quality time with one another. Some of the ladies knew
each other in passing but went to different services so it gave us all a
chance all fellowship together as one Ohana.  To me that is needed
so we aren’t strangers just going to the same church. Building strong
relationships is so important so we can lift one another and know you
have a sister in the Lord you can go to and pray with in the good times
and the rough times.
Philippians 2:4  Let each of you look out not only for his own interests,
but also interests of others.

Posted by admin in Newsletters on August 20, 2013