July Newsletter: Surfing With The King

This is Hope Chapel’s 5th year doing “Surfing with the King ‘’where all proceeds go to an organization or somebody in need. This year it went to “Waikiki Youth Outreach”.  So many young teens are on the streets for many different reasons and this outreach gives them a safe place to go. They can eat, sleep and shower, also counseling is available.  It is a great program. Donations are needed to keep the doors open for these struggling youth.

I was reflecting on our contestants how most of that signup for this event are children from the age of 6 through 18. Every year I see the same families, moms and dads and their children make “Surfing with the King” a family affair. The parents of these children are very involved, encouraging and supportive. It just seems fitting that all money that Hope Chapel receives from this contest goes to youth that are less fortunate and don’t have that kind of family life.

This year one of our regular signup’s a young girl named Lola was telling some of the ladies at the registration desk that her sister and dad’s surfboards were all stolen.  We saw how heartbroken she was because surfing is a family thing they can all do together. The ladies and I prayed for a miracle that their boards to be returned. God can do anything even return surfboards on an island where surfing is as common as driving a car.

The contest went on with everyone enjoying the two day event and the evening banquet.  Lots of fellowship and laughing… Still no word on the return of the boards but the girls had a great time anyway. Two days after the contest I received word all three boards were returned. How awesome is that!  God is always available to hear our prayers. Be still and trust what the LORD can do.

Psalm 145:18 The Lord is near to all who call upon Him

Donna Sallas

Posted by admin in Newsletters on July 8, 2013