Pray, Love and Beleive

Have you ever been told, “No- it’s a done deal”. Well that’s exactly what was said when I got the news that John our resident manager of the Waikiki Community Center for the last 21 years  was going to be let go. He would have to move out of his of HOME and leave his position here at WCC. I’ve known John for years and he not only managed our center but was family to all who knew him. He always went that extra mile to lend a helping hand and he did it with Aloha (LOVE). When I approached those whom I thought could help they told me it was a done deal, John had to be out by Jan 31st. There were many changes going on at the center but this one was heart wrenching. To know John is to love him he put his heart and soul into this place for so long how could we ever replace the love and dedication he gave to the center. When he was told he just broke down, this was his home, we were his family. I wasn’t going to let this go I tried everything from going to my bosses, co-workers to the board of directors you name I gave it a try. John told me he was going to sign a year’s lease to a place on the other side of the island and it had to be done in two days. We were running out of time. I’ve been praying, but felt like my prayers were unanswered; I let the doubt in.. Then the Holy Spirit came in loud and clear, God wants you to bring your problems to Him, and tell Him your needs again and again. Delay is not a denial so keep praying! He will answer and He did the very next day! Our New Executive Director and the Board of directors looked over everything again listened to reason and decided it would be in the best interest of the center to keep John on as resident manager and he could continue to live here. This was God’s intervention, God’s Love and His power, I BELIEVE this with all my heart, because this had been going on for months and the  same thing was said” No- it a done deal”. With our Lord anything is possible.
Pray contentiously, Know His Love and Believe in His miracles…..Proverbs- 3:5-6- Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Donna Sallas.

Posted by admin in Newsletters on February 18, 2013