Newsletter – May 2012

Easter Sunrise Service

Our Easter Sunrise service is always a blessing and a reminder of how much our Lord does for us every day. Each year we get to meet people from all over the world and share this special day. When you see so many people gathering to praise the Lord and take communion as one body, or witness young children and adults all lining up to get water baptized, how can you not feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? It is just one of the many gifts that I take away and treasure from that day.

The whole body joined, and knit together … causes growth of the body for edifying of itself in love. (Ephesians 4:16:)

I just wanted to thank all the dedicated volunteers for making the Easter Sunrise Service a wonderful experience for our visitors and locals. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful church family. Mahalo!

Extra Special Service

This was the second year I was blessed to help Laura with the front refreshment table, greeting and talking to the people coming to hear God’s word on such a special day.

For me, last year was extra special. I was doing something that would change my life forever. I was baptized after sunrise service. I was also baptized at ten years old, but didn’t truly understand what was happening, other than that’s what the church I grew up in did.

I left the church when I was nineteen years old, turned my back on God a few years later, and decided that I didn’t need anyone. I could take care of myself. Yes, I was a foolish youth.

My next contact with God was almost forty years later, when I decided to move to Hawaii and I asked God to help me find the finances to stay for six months.

That was almost two years ago! He blessed me with finding Hope Chapel Waikiki, and then gave me a wonderful new ohana and loving friends.

Last Easter, I was nervous, excited, and overjoyed to give my life to God – to give my life over to Him by my choice, and to live and love daily for Him. My life has been incredible since welcoming God back into my life.

I sometimes wonder what life would have been like had I always been with Him, but I can’t look back. Each day is new and exciting, and awaiting great things.

Mahalo God for my HCW Ohana, and the many opportunities to share with others Your love.


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Volunteers Praying before the Easter Sunrise Service
Volunteers Praying before the Easter Sunrise Service

Refreshments Table at the Easter Sunrise Service
Refreshments Table at the Easter Sunrise Service

Easter Sunrise Service - Baptism
19 Baptisms followed after the Easter Sunrise Service

Easter Sunrise Service
Easter Sunrise Service

Baptisms - Easter Sunrise Service

Mothers' Day - Karen's Family
Mothers’ Day – Karen’s Family

Mothers' Day
Mothers’ Day

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