Newsletter – June 2010

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Beach, BBQ, and Baptism

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii, with bright blue skies peeking through the early morning clouds. The gorgeous surf was breaking over the reefs. A great day for “Church on the Beach” in Waikiki.

This particular morning started a little shaky, but God was in control. I took my feet off the pedal and my hands off the steering wheel of life, and let God direct me and steer me to where He wanted me to go.

At the beach, I saw a man lying down some yards away. He looked sick and in pain. I went over to see what was the problem. I spoke with him and prayed over him. I called the lifeguard. The lifeguard called the ambulance.

As we were ready to start our church service, I asked the congregation to pray for the man who was sick. At almost the same time, Aunty Lehua came up to me and said, “Pastor, the sick person wants prayer.” I smiled and thought the man is in good hands now, and we prayed for him.

After the service, we had four baptisms. Two of the men who were baptized knew of the sick man. You see, the person who was sick was homeless, and so were those two men.

Jeff Boyd and Yuraina Kunewa from our congregation also were baptized.

After worship and baptism, we began the potluck. We fed everyone who wanted to eat: the needy, the poor, the homeless, and of course, our congregation. We played music, had fellowship, and ate. What a combination!

So, let us take time to have God be in the center of our lives and do the things we have been called to do, especially when things are a little shaky. Get off the shake, rattle and roll. Step unto the rock.

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock” (Matthew 7:24)

Jesus is our rock and our foundation. Let us lay aside ourselves and be reunited in Christ.

Na Pomaika’i (blessings),

Pastor Dennis Sallas

Is God Your Focus In Life?

In the past few years our schools have really been hit hard. Violence, teen pregnancies, and drug addictions are at an all time high.

Furlough Fridays leave our youth to find ways to spend their time. That is not always a good idea.

In my experience, when I left God out of my life, things would fall apart. That’s what seems to be happening in our schools today.

The poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb” touched me. It is important to keep God the main focus in our lives. It is important to teach His words to our children.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb,
His fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
The Lamb was sure to go.

He followed her to school each day,
Twasn’t even in the rule.
He made the children laugh and play,
To have our Lamb at school.

And then the rules all changed one day,
Illegal it became;
To bring the Lamb of God to school,
Or even speak his Name.

Everyday got worse and worse,
And days turned into years.
Instead of hearing children laugh,
We heard gun shots and tears.

What must we do to stop the crime,
That’s in our schools today?
Let’s let the Lamb of God
come back to school,
And teach our youth to pray!


June 2010 Pictures set on Flickr

Church on the Beach
We had service on the beach on May 30

The women enjoying fellowship at Church on the Beach
The women enjoying fellowship at Church On the Beach

Prayer before the baptism
Guys praying before baptism

Yuraina about to be baptized

Pastor Dennis
Pastor Dennis Sallas

Robert and Sean
Robert and Sean at the grill

Laura and Marie
Laura and Marie, enjoying a relaxing Sunday

Neil, Bob, and Kaleo
Neil, Bob, and Kaleo

Ron and Roberta
Ron and his sister Roberta

Nancy and Sandi
Nancy and Sandi ready to serve

Mahalo to all who cooked, served, and helped out with setup/teardown

Jeff, freshly baptized
Jeff, freshly baptized

All the fathers received chocolates on Fathers’ Day (June 20):

Keith and Bill receive chocolates for Fathers Day


Paul receives some chocolate for Father's Day


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