Newsletter – November 2009

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Make Time

Aloha Kakou,

When my children were young, we used to go to Lake Tahoe. Every other year we would trek to the snow country. Some of us skied and some would snowboard. We checked out different ski areas to vary the experience. We were not experts. We wanted new and different experiences. Eventually we discovered one place that we really enjoyed. It wasn’t the most well known place or the best place to ski, but it was a place that all of us enjoyed. It has been about eight years since we last went to Lake Tahoe, but we always talk about those times and how we missed them. We are planning another trip, but I just cannot stand the thought of those moon boots for skiing.

Have you ever had a lull time in your life, where time just seems to fly by? As you know we haven’t written our newsletter for a while, and I want to take the blame for that.

Paul wrote, “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus.”  (Colossians 3:17)

We need to do it all for Jesus, otherwise the opportunity will pass us by. Is Jesus in your life? Is He at your work place, home, and in your thoughts? The last time I wrote, I asked for a response if you still wanted to receive our newsletters. I hope you missed our newsletter and want to be part of our Ohana (family). Whatever we do, let’s do it in the name of Jesus.

P.S.: We had our surf contest in September and it was a success. Let us all give a helping hand in there for Jesus whether it’s by praying, showing kindness to others, financially, or by using some of our time whether in word or deed.

Thank you Jesus for letting us partner with you in building your Kingdom.

Na Pomaika’i (blessings),

Pastor Dennis Sallas


All For The Glory Of God

Hope Chapel Waikiki had our second annual surf contest. This is such a blessing because all proceeds go to someone or someplace in need. It’s our chance to give back. The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather and perfect waves. The volunteers all worked together both days of the surf contest from early morning to late afternoon. The worship music touched even the heaviest hearts.

I was in the prayer tent with a few women from our church. We were there for anyone who needed prayer. Unfortunately that privilege didn’t happen. Nobody was stopping by our tent. But then we finally realized what a wonderful opportunity it was to pray for each other and everyone on the beach and in the contest. It also gave us a chance to spend time together to build a stronger bond. Sometimes in church, we don’t have that quiet time to get to know one another better, so we miss out on getting to fellowship. It wasn’t until the following Sunday, when our guest speaker Robert Clayton, was giving a teaching and testimony on connections, and the Connections Group Study between the Sunday Services, that it hit home. The time we had spent together in the prayer tent was what God had planned. Building stronger connections with fellow Christians will work in the end to glorify the Lord. When we have a closer connection with others, we can better serve HIM. God knows us and our needs. That’s why he puts us in the paths of others, so these connections we make are always for a reason!

Be imitators of God and walk in love, as Christ has also loved us and given Himself for us. (Ephesians 5:1-2)


The F-Words That Describe Our Pastor

Recently, Church Council member Scott Sandin made a special presentation to Pastor Dennis. He stated that he was going to identify just a few of the things that we really appreciate about Pastor Dennis, and that all these things started with the letter F. He went on to say that there were about ten of these F-words and he wanted the congregation to count off each one as he used them. Then he began…

We appreciate Pastor Dennis because he feeds us spiritually and with food like the free hotdogs and popcorn tonight at the free movie, and he gives us free parking. He forgives us when we do not sing and when we do sing, but not so well, or when we clap out of time with everyone else.

He a is very friendly Pastor, always meeting the new people and greeting the rest of us with a big smile.  He is fit and we appreciate that because we want him to be our Pastor for a long time.

In addition, probably the most important thing about Dennis is that he is funny, the funniest Pastor I have ever had. Dennis makes church more fun than any church I have ever been to. Finally Dennis, your flock thinks you are a fabulous Pastor and that you are doing a fantastic job.

Our Pastor Appreciation Day was celebrated when members of the congregation gave our pastor hugs, leis, and cards of recognition, a special time indeed.



For more photos, go to the Hope Chapel Waikiki Flickr Group

Surf Contest Registration Table


Contestants getting into and out of the water

Contestants praying before the contest




Band providing entertainment


Donna, Susan, Sandi, Carol, and Jane ready to serve at the awards banquet


Band playing at the surf contest awards banquet

Youth receiving their awards

Dorothy, Robert, and Keith

Jane and Bill Harned

Frank Edwards - Guest Speaker

Frank Edwards - Guest Speaker


Keoni getting baptised


Eddi putting a lei on Pastor Dennis for pastor appreciation day

Scott presenting a short talk for pastor appreciation day

Pastor Dennis with leis

Paul on the drums

Paul and Bruce at the movie night

Amyjo and Amy at the movie night

hot dogs, chili and popcorn at the movie night

P.S.: Mahalo to Bill Harned for taking some of the photos!


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