Newsletter – December 2008

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The Year in Review – 2008

by Pastor Dennis and Donna Sallas

Aloha Kakou,

We began 2008 by praying over homes, families, neighbors, our neighborhoods, and ourselves. Then, we went into our Waikiki community, where we walked every street, every road, and the beach. We prayed for all the buildings where people live and work. We prayed for the protection of our police, paramedics, firefighters, and, of course, our lifeguards. GOD did a miracle for Waikiki.

In March we held our 8th annual Easter Sunrise Service. We prayed for people, and people received the LORD. Twenty-five were baptized. Oh what a glorious day it was!

The month of May brought our first Surf Contest. E he’e nalu kakou me ka mo’i. Come Surf With The King was the theme for our first annual surf contest, held for two days in Waikiki. There were thousands of people from all over the world at Kuhio Beach. Waikiki was exposed to the culture of Hawaii, through surfing competitions, Hawaiian music, and City and County lifeguards’ exhibitions of water rescues. We had Christian music, prayer, fellowship, and a Church service on the beach at Waikiki. People came to know and accept the LORD in their lives because of this outreach. We not only touched the hearts of visitors, but we have many new faces in our congregation due to this event. Some of the beach boys, beach girls, and surfers are now attending Hope Chapel Waikiki (HCW). Praise GOD!!

During the holidays that fell on a Monday, we would have Church on the Beach at “12 Coconuts” in Waikiki. We fed homeless, needy, as well as our church family.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving was a special time. We fed over 215 hungry and needy at our Church. Our beautifully decorated Thanksgiving banquet was accompanied by live music. Afterwards, some women went to Waimanalo and fed an additional 30 to 35 homeless at the park. That was special!

Now the year is coming to an end, and we will begin again. E he’e nalu kakou me ka mo’i. Come Surf With The King with us; let us serve Him in the New Year. Let us be a wave to the lost and needy by reaching out beyond the swells.

Start your New Year praying for GOD to heal our families, homes, islands, states, and Nation. We want to thank the many volunteers who made it possible for us to be successful in our outreaches. We could have not done it without you.

Po Maika’i

Pastor Dennis and Donna Sallas


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