Newsletter – November 2008

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by Pastor Dennis K. Sallas

Aloha Kakou,

I remember when Hawai’i was a territory. I did not know the difference between being a territory or a state. No one taught us about becoming a state. I was young; my parents never spoke about statehood. I recognized an excitement in the air. People all over Oahu were enthusiastic about something. When I went to school the next day, our teacher asked us if we knew that we were a state, and that we were the 50th State. There were a high percentage of us from the Hawaiian homestead that did not understand what the teacher was talking about. A few knew, but did not want to offend the majority of us. Anyway, that day we cheered and hollered along with others in our school.

When Nehemiah finished rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem, all the people assembled and asked Ezra the scribe to bring out the Book of the Law of Moses. Ezra read it to all who were able to understand. Then the Levites instructed the people in the law, making it clear, and giving the meaning so people could understand what they heard. (Neh. 8:1-8) Some understood the reading and some did not, but the Levites helped them to understand. We need to reach out to the lost as well as the saved, to help them understand what GOD’S plan is and His sacrifice for us. (Matt. 28:19-20, John 3:16) We must not ignore those who do not understand God’s Word. Instead, we should let them know that our promise of salvation also is for them.

Pastor Dennis Sallas

Hawaii had been annexed to the United States in 1898 and became a territory two years later. On March 12, 1959, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 323 to 89 in favor of granting statehood to Hawaii. On August 21, 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the proclamation officially welcoming Hawaii as the 50th state of the union. Remembering Statehood

Spirit Filled Spashdown ’08

by Donna Sallas

The Water Park was in full swing with the Lord’s presence. It was a wonderful way to spend the day and celebrate 25 years of Hope Chapel and the new churches planted throughout the Islands. One felt the Spirit throughout the Water Park.

I have been to the Water Park many times. It was fun, but people always seemed hurried or impatient waiting to get from one ride to the next. This time, there was so much love, laughter, fellowship and smiles, that it was contagious for everyone there. I was able to act like a child, going up and down the slides and rides creating lasting memories. It was a perfect way to share God’s love with others that were there on their own. The sea of blue Hope Chapel tee shirts made the name a loud statement. People were asking “What is going on and who are you guys?”  There could not be a better opportunity to let people know about Jesus, and yes, Christians do have FUN!  I know seeds were planted that day, and I can assure you we all left feeling renewed with His spirit.

A great big Mahalo to all the hard working volunteers and to all the people who sponsored others, so no one was left out.

I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not loose his reward. (Mark 9:4)

Blessings @ the Water Park

by Hope Chapel Waikiki Youth

Blessings at the Water Park were that I got free shirts, free unlimited rides, free food, free entertainment. Of course even going to the water park was a blessing because not everybody can go to the water park. It was also awesome to see all the Hope Chapel Churches there. Different churches’ music groups played, including my cousin’s group. Justin and Michael play for Hope Chapel Kailua. It was a brilliant idea to have the anniversary at the water park because: 1) the water park is huge and it is easy to make friends there. 2) everybody who goes to the water park always smiles Amazing and God given!
Sean Sayurin

On October 18, 2008, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Splashdown ’08. This event allowed me to hang out with people who love the Lord. Whenever I am in a Jesus-loving environment, I feel more at home. The amazing thing is you can see people devoted to one another in brotherly love. I love it when I can see God’s love just radiate off people. We are so lucky to have such a fun, loving, merciful Father. It’s so slick to see such a big family of believers come together and have a ton of fun. Even though the sun wasn’t shining we were entertaining angels (Hebrews 13:2) and God on that day. So I’d like to thank our everlasting, never-ending love, Jesus for blessing me at the Splashdown 2008.
Cherie Chin

We were not able to go to the water park, but the Lord blessed us with tickets and someone to take us. Our church helped by giving us tickets, and we could go. It was Kaleo who took us to the Water Park, and I had a lot of fun because I went on almost all the rides. My favorite rides were the tornado and the cliff-hanger. I love you Jesus.
Naomi Chin

The Hope Chapel Splashdown ’08 was a day of activities filled with excitement. When we arrived, we didn’t let the bad weather bring us down. It was such a blessing to see the smiling faces of others. We saw old friends, and we even made some new ones. To my surprise, there were actually a lot of familiar faces, including teachers and students from my school. It made me happy to see so many people at the Splashdown, knowing that they were all there for God. I couldn’t help to smile the whole day. I think the Splashdown was a fun day to fellowship and just have a good time and that was what we did. By this all will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35)
Cheyenne Sallas

God blessed me with tickets to go to the Splashdown ’08 with my church. I had a lot of fun going on the rides and hanging out with my friends. I thank everyone who helped and set up this event for everyone to enjoy. I hope I will be able to go again if we have another one. Thank you.
Michael Chin

We were not able to go to the water park, but the Lord blessed us with tickets and someone to take us. Our church helped by giving us tickets to go to the water park and Kaleo took us to the water park. We had a lot of fun. I liked the tornado the best. We also got to eat yummy food. Thank you Jesus!
Noah Chin

Hawaii Pastors’ Conference: This Generation Shall Praise You!

By Kaleo Prescott, HCW Youth Leader

Having been to other leadership meetings, I knew the basic format for the next couple of days, but this meeting was special, and the Lord’s presence ministered in many ways. The speakers were pastors from the International Foursquare Gospel Organization, Jack Hayford and Glenn Burris, and from the Mid Pacific Region, Jim Scott and Ralph Moore. Each speaker had a great message speaking to the hearts of the conference’s attendees. The messages were different, but each spoke within my spirit with the intent to forgive, release, cast down imaginations, and see goodness in all people.

Not only the messages, but also fellowship with pastors and leaders, and being with Hope Chapel Waikiki’s Dennis Sallas was invigorating. Spending time in Hilo was special since I was raised in that town. I knew the area, but seeing the beauty of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and other Hilo attractions with friends and leaders made this trip monumental.

God knew that each person who came to the conference needed rest or a word from Him. God gave each of us a new vision and ideas and renewed strength to further the kingdom of God. I learned during the three-day conference that Jesus has always wanted to use me to spread the good news and speak truth into people’s lives. He also showed me that He would confirm His word with signs and wonders. God will accomplish all He desires. God can use me for His purposes and for His glory. For this I praise him.


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