Newsletter – October 2008

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An Open Letter to my Friend
by Pastor Dennis K Sallas

Some years ago, I met a young gentleman named Trevor. As the years went by, I came to know him better. We would meet some of the guys from church and go surfing in Waimanalo. He would be right next to me. Trevor would say, I know wherever you paddle, the surf is going to be there, the LORD is granting you surf. He was right, GOD not only was giving me good waves, but I also live in Waimanalo, and I know where the surf is going to break. Every time we would go surfing, whether in Waikiki, Mokuleia, or  my back yard of Waimanalo, even if there were no waves, waves would show up. Trevor would just say, “Follow the Hawaiian.”

Well, my friend Trevor and his family moved to Washington State, and I am going to miss them. Trevor worked at the Kapiolani Children’s Hospital as a nurse in the Emergency Room (ER).

This story explains why Trevor’s move to Washington is so important. While Trevor was attending our church, a man came into the church that started shaking uncontrollably and having the chills. Some people took him outside and tried to comfort him. Trevor recognized the symptoms, and called me to come outside. In addition, he said we needed to call an ambulance. Trevor said there is an emergency, and we needed to get the man help right away or it could be fatal. He was having an alcohol seizure.

I looked at Trevor and I said to call whomever was necessary. Meanwhile, I prayed for the man. As I laid my hands upon him and spoke about Jesus, he calmed down almost instantly. As I continued to pray for him, others came and laid hands upon him.  The man started talking to me as if nothing even happened. Trevor said he had never seen anything like it, where a person in that condition just became normal. Praise GOD!

Years later, I was being installed as the Senior Pastor of our church, and there were a number of pastors who came to pray for me. One pastor had a heart condition. One of his arteries was clogged, and the doctor had told him he needed an operation. He wanted prayer. I got on my knees and prayed for him that day. There were many people praying for him. Praise GOD!Trevor and his family regularly attended this pastor’s home Bible study. I asked Trevor what ever happened to the Pastor, and Trevor told me everything was okay. The pastor didn’t need an operation because his arteries were clear. The doctor said there even was a new artery growing in his heart. Praise GOD!  Hey, they said his arteries were clogged, and now GOD cleared it up and gave him a new one. Praise GOD! Trevor explained that the doctor did say that sometimes things like that happen. Oh, I said, “Hmmm! Yes, something really did happen.”

There is more to the story from last month’s newsletter when God miraculously healed a young boy’s arm. A couple months ago Trevor was working at the hospital when one of our own church kids was admitted to Emergency Room. The boy had been in a motor scooter accident. Trevor had checked the x-ray. Later, I met with Trevor and asked him about the incident He said, “Brother D, I saw the break on the x-ray. I was there. I can’t explain it.”

So I said to Trevor, “GOD is teaching you so when you go to Washington, you can let them know that GOD is still on the throne.” He is still doing miracles; He is still in the healing business. He is the LORD of LORDS, and He wants you to take the lessons that you have learned and share the Power of the Holy Spirit with the people that you meet.

Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

Aloha my bradda my fellow kanaka


Aloha to Friends
by Donna Sallas

It is always hard to say goodbye to special friends that touch our life. So it is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to Trevor, Jean, and Kiana Giesbrecht. They are a blessing to all of us. Trevor always fixing things or helping someone in need, Jean is a quiet strength with the heart of a servant, and it is a joy to watch Kiana grow up to be a wonderful helper in the Lord.

The selfish side of me would like to keep these loved ones here in Hawaii, but that is not God’s plan. I know their light will shine bright in Washington State where they have moved. They will continue to be a blessing to others. We will all miss you and Mahalo for all the love you share with us.

And now these three remain; faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

I also want to say Aloha to our dear friend Bill Freda who went home to be with the Lord. Bill leaves us with great memories and stories of his life in the Navy and Air Force. He always had a smile to share and a hug to give. Bill was a gift from God but after 86 years our Lord called him, home and we know he is at peace. His wife Barbara is still blessing us with stories of Bill and the love they shared. It was an honor to have him with us all these years.

Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands! (Psalms 100:1)


My Step Mother, My Angel
By Marcia Eovino

At 16, angry, out of control, using alcohol, hanging out with the wrong crowd, in trouble with the police, and treading down the wrong path, I was either entering a detention home or moving in with my dad and stepmother. My mother could not handle me, and there was nowhere else to go. I had run away before, but they found me. My dad brought me back home. I knew this was the last stop for me.

My stepmother, Lee, had taken in my brother four years earlier. By this time, he and her other two kids were off to college and out of her hair. At a time in her life, when she could have been living on easy street, Lee never hesitated to take me in.

Lee treated me with love and respect, and taught me how to behave through her kindness. Lee spent spent hours with me, playing cards or board games, cooking, cleaning, and walking the dog. She always had time and a kind word for me. Lee worked in a department store and always came home with little treasures especially for me. I never said an unkind word to her nor disrespected her in any way. Lee brought me to church every Sunday and showed me the real meaning of love.

My dear Lord knew what I needed, and He put an angel in my path when I most needed it. I will always remember the love she showered upon me.

My angel came in the form of a stepmother.

And there appeared an angel unto him from Heaven strengthening him. (Luke 22:43)


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