Newsletter – April 2008

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Don’t Stop Short

by Pastor Dennis K. Sallas

Aloha Kakou,

I was in a canoe race the other week, where after eight miles, we were about thirty feet behind the lead canoe.  We raced in the rough seas, and we were making our home stretch to the finish line. We had about a mile left in the course, and I kept quiet.

With about a quarter mile to go, I called on the guys to make a push, a sprint to the finish line.  We quickly came up on the lead boat, only to lose the race by a nose of the canoe!  If we only started our push earlier, we would have won the race.

In John 20:3-5, John outran Peter to the tomb where Jesus was buried. He bent over and looked in at the strips of linen lying there, but did not go in. Sometimes we stop short of experiencing the Holy Spirit, or stop short of entering into the Holy Spirit’s realm, or stop short of being in His Presence. (vs. 6) Peter arrived and went into the tomb. Let us not hesitate when it comes to our LORD and Savior; let us enter in. (vs. 8) Peter finally went inside.

Our LORD waits for us to take that step to build character, to have perseverance, and most of all, to have hope. His death brought us victory; His resurrection brought us eternal life. Let us not hesitate. Let us all enter in without hesitation and taste the victory.

Easter Sunrise Service was our seventh on the beach at Waikiki. Ekolu Mea Nui Ministries and Hope Chapel Waikiki partnered up and entered in. It was a beautiful morning, with the full moon glistening off the ocean. The winds were calm and the Holy Spirit was hovering over all the volunteers and the people that were there. People from all over the world openly accepted the LORD. This was highlighted by those baptized in the ocean. Some wore shorts and others were fully clothed with their Easter clothes when they were submerged.

What a wonderful day! What a glorious day the LORD had made! There was no hesitation by those who accepted Jesus, or by those who were baptized. They all became winners on that beautiful day on the beach at Waikiki.

I am glad that we got to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives and to help others enter into the Holy Spirit’s presence.

God bless,

Pastor Dennis K. Sallas

Easter Sunrise 2008
by Donna Sallas

Easter Sunrise Service is always an amazing time for me. I love seeing so many different people from around the world, coming together to honor our Lord. You can feel His presence in the air, and see His love through out the crowd.

I believe that the praise and worship drew some unbelievers to the service and brought them to accept Jesus into their life. There were also 25 people who were baptized, either for the first time or to renew a relationship with Christ. What a beautiful sight that was to see. We also were blessed to have so many wonderful servants of the Lord to help make Easter sunrise service a joyful and memorable time for all.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:16-17)

Special Thanks

Mahalo to Ed Winker of Windler Woods LLC, for donating 30 board feet of beautiful native Hawaiian koa wood. Mahalo to Trevor Giesbrecht and Robert Clayton for crafting a beautiful new podium out of it!


Letter from Visitor


I was at your 2008 Easter service at the Hula mound last month with my family, and I wanted you to know how much your ministry affected our family.

My daughter was baptized by Pastor Dennis; she was the only one in our family not baptized, so it was a blessing for her to be baptized in the Pacific Ocean by a true Hawaiian man with such a powerful witness for Jesus.

Pastor Dennis is the Hawaiian version of our church’s pastor. His every sermon is life changing, and at times, he gets in your “junk drawer”.  Our Pastor has a past with drugs, alcohol, and the world also, and I feel it makes him more powerful as a Pastor.

After the service, Dennis hugged me as if we were brothers who had not seen each other while one was away during the war. What a strong Christian he is.

Everyone here in Virginia wants to know the highlight of our Hawaii vacation, and I am forced to try to explain how much your ministry really impacted our lives.  I am forever grateful to Pastor Dennis and every one of the volunteers who gave their time and talents to your Easter service for us vacationers.  You really did a great job for Jesus.

I do not know if I will get back to Hawaii again (been there two years in a row), but if I do, I will come to see you at your church: but here, there, or in the air, I will see you again my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Ron Means


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